If I had lived in Senate District 4 I would have voted for Steve Toth. I personally respect the guy and believe he was the strongest conservative in the race to succeed big-spending Tommy Williams. That being said, conservatives won the Senate District 4 election, with the election of Representative Brandon Creighton.

Conservatives won the minute Jason Villalba and Bennett Ratliff started touting Brandon Creighton as their guy. There are several social media posts I won’t quote because they are so intellectually dishonest that recognizing them would be a disservice to Texans, but below are some of the basics of what these guys said. Other posts were more blatant about trying to say that the establishment won the Senate District 4 special election. Speaker Straus’s henchmen have also attempted to drive this narrative. I do have to point out that, unlike the conservative side of the isle, the Speaker’s team is too afraid to put their name on anything they write.

“Brandon Creighton at 72% in early voting. Wow! Awesome.” – Jason Villalba

“Congratulations to new Senator @CreightonForTX, well done sir, well done #txlege” – Bennett Ratliff

Look how far we have come!

Establishment, big-spending moderates are so desperate to claim a victory that they have decided to champion Brandon Creighton, a man who, by his vote on the 2013 budget, claimed that Ratliff and Villalba were big spenders who’s standard for fiscal responsibility was more liberal than his own, (Creighton voted with 31 conservatives against the Straus/Pitts budget which grew spending by billions while intentionally underfunding transportation and water).

Jason Villalba and Bennett Ratliff scored in the 40’s on Texans for Fiscal Responsibility’s scorecard, Creighton scored an 84, putting him amongst the 25 most conservative State Reps in Texas. Villalba and Ratliff on the other hand scored closer to Democrats than to Creighton’s score. To put this in perspective, the gap between Creighton and Ratliff is wider than the gap between Jonathan Stickland and Dan Branch.

Conservatives are winning, and I’m grateful to Representative Villalba and Ratliff for making that abundantly clear.