God & Government: A Discussion of the Theology of the State - Episode 166

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time studying the theologies and doctrines around the state. As a Christian whose professional life and vocational calling are significantly invested in politics, it’s been a worthwhile endeavor to further understand what God has created and what purpose the state serves.

Today’s discussion is longer than most, and I invited three distinguished guests to join me.

Bryan Wolfmueller is a bit of an internet celebrity for us Lutherans. He’s a well-respected pastor in Austin who also has a YouTube channel and several publishing outlets on theology and the church.

Joel Webbon is a pastor in Georgetown, Texas, and the president of Right Response Ministries. He has a YouTube channel and a podcast where he discusses the church and theology applied to Christians’ lives today.

Bill Peacock is someone many of you are familiar with. He’s a senior policy advisor, host of the Liberty Cafe podcast here at Texas Scorecard, and an economics and government teacher. He’s also an active member at Redeemer Presbyterian in Austin, Texas.

These conversations are not done as regularly on our program, but hopefully you enjoy the change of pace and subject that today’s discussion brings.


Luke Macias
About the author

Luke Macias

Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Luke has been recognized as one of the most valuable consultants in Texas by Capitol Inside.