Parents Across Texas Are Waking Up - Episode 167

Last Saturday’s election results sent shockwaves across Texas. Parents woke up and kicked out a ton of liberal school board members from North Texas to San Antonio. What does this mean for our state?

We have witnessed politicians like Cody Harris and Greg Abbott shift to the right when it comes to their rhetoric against teacher unions. Will this mean that the stronghold teacher unions have long had on the Texas House of Representatives is weakening? (You could also opt for: Will this mean teacher unions’ stronghold on the Texas House of Representatives is weakening?) We hope so.

It’s also worth discussing what a post-Roe state will look like. Today, we’ll spend a little time talking about that.

Have a blessed week.

Luke Macias
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Luke Macias

Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Luke has been recognized as one of the most valuable consultants in Texas by Capitol Inside.