Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. ~ C.S. Lewis

Santorum Tackles Cultural Battles

santorum cpacRick Santorum’s speech this year at CPAC was more than just political rhetoric attacking Barack Obama. He went above the fray. Above even political divides and shot at the heart of the American people.

He talked about the “why” of America. The moral principles of our country.

One of the best quotes from his talk was, “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” – Viktor Frankl.

I could write extensively about how much this message matters in our country today but instead I’ll just let Rick say it for me. (You can skip the intro, his speech starts at 2:15)

My Birthday Request

Pro-Life VideoSo today marks the 23rd anniversary of my birth, the 53rd anniversary of my Dad’s birth (sorry for outing you Dad) and, unfortunately, the 40th anniversary of a supreme court decision which marked a change in the way many in our culture began to view human dignity.

We placed exceptions on life which redefined when humans were worth defending. Roe v Wade created conditions which had to be met by a human being before we were willing to defend them under the law. With most persecuted demographics, in America, they have the ability to make their voices heard with the 1st amendment. Unfortunately unborn children don’t have that same recourse.

The most saddening thing for myself is the deception so many parents have fallen into. I am grieved by the lie told by organizations who say the human being inside a womb is simply a “clump of cells”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

That unborn child is growing, developing, has it’s own unique DNA, and is a separate being yet dependent on it’s mother and father for existence and survival. That child is worth defending.

Please consider, as a birthday present to myself, to make a donation to a pro-life organization today. If you know of a local one in your area you can reach out to them. If not here are a couple options to consider:

1. Texas Values

This organization is dedicated to defending family values in Texas. They recently launched and have filled a much needed hole for Texas Families. They defend every aspect of the family. Marriage, religious liberty and unborn children are all advocated for by this group. If you don’t donate at least subscribe to their email updates.

2. San Antonio Coalition for Life

SACFL is one of the best local pro-life organizations in San Antonio. If you’re a pastor in the San Antonio area please reach out to them today and bring them into your church. They pray outside of planned parenthoods and are there to support and love mothers regardless of the decision they make.

3. Texas Right to Life

Texas Right to Life is the largest, oldest and just plain-old best pro-life organization in Texas. They work every day to ensure a voice for the millions of children who can’t speak for themselves. Their efforts educate millions of Texans every year on the tragedy of abortion and the alternatives women have.


Guns in America

Hats off to the guys at vici media for putting together a great info-graphic explaining guns in America.

American Gun Facts Infographic