2020 / Mar 13

Coronavirus: The Churches Chance to Shine

2020 / Mar 13

The gospel message is one of hope.

How many of you are personally feeling hopeful? It's hard to feel filled with hope when you're surrounded by fear.

My pastor tells me that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. It's a saying I've used hundreds of times in the last several years.

Now before all you jump on top of me for saying this coronavirus thing isn't real, let me say that it's a serious virus that our communities should take very seriously. We must be responsible and take caution concerning our interaction with one another.

But that doesn't mean it should cause us to fear.

That's a strange statement to be honest. Why the heck would you not fear a virus that is spreading without a cure? Because as the apostle reveals to us in Corinthians, we have an eternal perspective.

"Therefore we do not …

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