A Contrast In Worldview: Cruz vs. Cornyn On The Right to Privacy – Episode 68


Today I’m honored to be joined by Cliff Maloney, a friend to the liberty movement and recent transplant to Texas due to the move of YAL’s headquarters from Virginia to Texas.

Cliff and I dive in deep on the issues of privacy and the clear to contrast that exists within the Republican Party, revealed by our own Texas Senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.

In a recent debate over whether the government can look through your personal search history without a warrant, Cruz and Cornyn disagreed. We discuss this vote, and several others.

Republicans need to be on the right side of the privacy issue, and the longer it takes us to wake up, the longer it will take us to bring younger voters over to our side.

I’m grateful that Cliff was willing to sit down and discuss this issue with me and hope you enjoy the conversation.

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