A Father’s Fight for the Life of His Son – Episode 01


Sitting in the room with Jeff Younger was one of the most humbling times I’ve experienced in the last several years. The most radical in our society have not found themselves content with expanding their own horizons and throwing off truth in regards to their own lives. They are actively experimenting on the children of Texas and the story you will hear today will bring that truth to light. Jeff’s son James is being sexually transitioned by his mother. She began this manipulation when James was 3 and it has continued for 3 years. In 2 years James will begin receiving hormones and he will be castrated in his mid-teens.

Yes, this is happening in Texas.

Take the time to listen to this conversation. Hold your children close tonight, and be grateful for what you have. Share this with Fellow Texans and encourage them to share it with their friends.


For more info to help James go to SaveJames.com