Nov 29

My Political Organization Donations in 2022

Nov 29

Many donors, most of them from Texas, will ask me where to donate.

The amount that they are giving ranges from $500 to much more than $500.

I really do believe it's important for every engaged citizen to invest in building what our nation and state need. At the age of 32 most of my peers and I are prioritizing investing in our children, careers, homes, IRA's and hopefully our churches. Most of us have debt, and the money that comes in tends to spend quickly.

Please remember that living financially responsibly is a duty. It gives you the flexibility to make sure you can spend some of your earnings toward engaging in the cultural battle around us.

I care most about Texas, and so my donations will be reflective of that reality. There are some amazing organizations who I didn't personally donate to this year, but I have to …

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