Borders and Battlegrounds – Episode 120


The border needs to be closed. This is the standard of success and it is achievable. For the sake of our state, the rule of law, and the future of our country, Texas must close the border down. This is the first thing we tackle on today’s episode.

There is a big political battle shaping up in Tarrant County where Tim O’Hare and Betsy Price are both running to be the next County Judge. This matchup is a clear depiction of the civil war playing out in the Texas GOP. That this is playing out in the largest red county in Texas makes it significant for all Texans, regardless of where they live.

Lastly and sadly, Cody Vasut seems more concerned about the House vs. Senate pissing match than protecting children from genital mutilation. It’s the ultimate abdication for Vasut to literally call for the ousting of Dan Patrick over how many HB’s died in his chamber, while staying silent on Dade Phelan and Dustin Burrows despicable actions of killing legislation that would stop the barbaric practice of genital mutilation surgery on children in Texas.

We have many issues facing Texas and today we try to bring attention to some of the more important ones. Hope you enjoy.

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