Budget Drama is More Than You Think – Episode 115


Gennie Morrison took over the Texas House on budget night, and to say it was a takedown of Dade Phelan and Greg Bonnen is an understatement. Several top conservative legislators like Slaton, Biedermann, and Tinderholt passed strong amendments, and Dade Phelan defended government-funded programs for critical race theory and gender modification.

Dade Phelan was placed in a position where more than 10 members were willing to challenge his ruling, which would have destroyed his speakership. He stood down and allowed them to have their way as a result.

Phelan also worked to defend critical race theory and gender modification programs in the state budget. Today, we’ll overview those actions in detail.

The Texas budget is not providing Texans with any meaningful property tax relief, so homeowners need to buckle up for the next several years.

This is what we discuss on today’s podcast.

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