Burrows Tries to Build His Team and Abbott Opposes Texas Alliance for Life – Episode 52


A lot is going on this week and we take 15 minutes or so to cover the key points.

Dustin Burrows is licking his wounds after his deceitful actions were found out. He’s weighing in on several elections in what seems to be an effort to build his dwindling team of allies.

Lying tends to lose you friends, especially in a legislative body. But people hungry for power don’t tend to give up easily.

Today we’re calling on Jared Patterson, Briscoe Cain, Carrie Isaac, Lacey Hull and Michael Schofield to return the campaign donations that Dustin Burrows gave them in December 2019.


Mark Twain says that you will know a man (or woman) by the people they associate with and the books they read. By that standard, it would seem that candidates above should make an effort to distance themselves from the past corruption that has plagued the Texas House.

We shall see what they decide to do.

Greg Abbott is opposing the pro-death stance of Texas Alliance for Life when it comes to the case of Baby Tinslee. This is definitely an interesting twist in a case that will determine the culture of life Texas has moving forward.

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