Aug 3

Gorsuch Voices Concern Regarding The New World That He Is Ushering In

Aug 3

On July24th SCOTUS issued an opinion in opposition to Calvary Chapel, striking a blow for religious liberty. An increasingly unsurprising coalition of John Roberts and the court’s 4 most consistent liberal jurists decided the case.


Gorsuch penned a dissenting opinion that gained wide praise from many on the right. The line receiving the most attention was “There is no world in which the constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesar’s Palace over Calvary Chapel.”


Beautiful words right? Unfortunately that world not only exists, but is rapidly taking over the norms and traditions that have held our society together. The sad thing about Gorsuch’s words is that he seems concerned about this new world that he, just 30 days before penning his eloquent dissent, is rapidly ushering in himself.


I’m not a …

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