CPS is Pushing Transgender Ideology (Interview with Krista McIntire) - Episode 40

Last week the nation watched the Jeff and James Younger case, a story we brought to you back in January. We were honored that people like Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro shared portions of our podcast and urged their listeners to take action.

James Younger is the 7-year-old boy whose mother has been trying to transition him to be a girl since he was 3 years old. James is a boy when he’s with his dad, and a girl when he’s with his mom. It’s a very sad and confused existence. James is a victim of adults who have conspired against him and worked together in an attempt to brainwash this Texas minor.

Walsh publicly called out Greg Abbott which caused our Governor to publicly come out and tell Texans that the Attorney General and CPS were both looking into the case. Today we bring you a story which, I’m sure, Governor Abbott was not aware of.

I am very grateful that Governor Abbott was willing to publicly comment on this issue. I think the tweet he released on this matter got more traction than any other tweet in 2019.

So how does this play into this week’s podcast?

Unfortunately, CPS is tainted on the Transgender issue, and we wanted to bring a story to you, and to Governor Abbott, which reveals that CPS is most definitely not the agency to involve in transgender child abuse since it looks like some of their employees are encouraging additional abuse of children. In fact, the story we bring you today actually reveals that CPS punished a family for not abusing their child.

Texas taxpayer dollars are being used to tell parents to push harmful transgender ideology on their children.

I’m incredibly grateful for the work that Krista McIntire is doing and I think you will really enjoy our conversation with her.

Below are the documents that CPS used to encourage the family to pursue therapy that pushes the child away from their biological sex.


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