DeSantis Pushes Texas Again to Act on ESG


As I write this, I’m in Colorado on my last day of vacation. Before I left, I recorded this podcast about a subject I discuss often: Texas vs. Florida.

Now, thank God it’s not an actual game with points on the board, or we would be creamed. But yet again, Ron DeSantis has led the way on a very important topic: ESG.

For those of you unfamiliar with Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, today’s episode will be an educational primer on how corporate board rooms are reshaping culture through the power of their shares.

Our friends at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility have also put out a great explainer on the topic.

Texas has to step it up. Yesterday’s FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home reminded us that the left is more serious than the right about winning this war. Let us hope that red-state governors start following DeSantis even more to preserve what little freedom we have left.