Gorsuch Voices Concern Regarding The New World That He Is Ushering In

On July24th SCOTUS issued an opinion in opposition to Calvary Chapel, striking a blow for religious liberty. An increasingly unsurprising coalition of John Roberts and the court’s 4 most consistent liberal jurists decided the case.


Gorsuch penned a dissenting opinion that gained wide praise from many on the right. The line receiving the most attention was “There is no world in which the constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesar’s Palace over Calvary Chapel.”


Beautiful words right? Unfortunately that world not only exists, but is rapidly taking over the norms and traditions that have held our society together. The sad thing about Gorsuch’s words is that he seems concerned about this new world that he, just 30 days before penning his eloquent dissent, is rapidly ushering in himself.


I’m not a lawyer so I’m not going to dive deeply into the Bostock case or the Calvary Chapel case for that matter. This isn’t about legal arguments. I will say that many legal conservatives, spearheaded by Josh Hawley, are rightfully questioning what the legal conservative movement has actually produced, and how we need to rethink that movement moving forward. I’ll let Hawley and other brilliant attorneys worry about that.


Instead of looking at Bostock through a textualist or originalist lens, let’s put on the lens of all recorded history. Neil Gorsuch wrote an opinion that referred to a man as woman throughout the entire document. I want you to think about the foundational attack levied on biology from an unelected court.


Gorsuch voicing concerns of a scary new reality being ushered in by a court is like China issuing a public statement of concern on human rights. The words just ring hollow.


Many conservatives simply refuse to recognize the utter destruction of society being promulgated by the sexual revolutionaries. For Gorsuch to act surprised that religious liberty is being threatened in an irrational way requires a siloed worldview where one can tear down supporting beams to a foundation on one side of a house and then complain about the cracks that appear on the opposite side.


I’m sorry but I’m not all that impressed with Gorsuch’s dissenting opinion. I’m truly concerned with the new reality that he is helping usher in.

Luke Macias
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Luke Macias

Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Luke has been recognized as one of the most valuable consultants in Texas by Capitol Inside.