Gradualism vs. Abolition: A Pro-Life Discussion – Episode 19


Over the course of the legislative session a debate was had for the first time since 1973, the year Roe v. Wade was forced on states by the Supreme Court. Tony Tinderholt’s bill to abolish abortion received a hearing, and we had a conversation about completely abolishing abortion in Texas.


This legislation has brought out a distinction within the pro-life community. Most pro-life individuals would fall in the gradualist camp, a term further defined in our podcast discussion. There are a growing number of Texans that are describing themselves as abolitionists, and those people are represented by Brad Pierce, the head of Abolish Abortion Texas.


Thomas Umstattd represented the gradualist perspective. He’s been a lifelong pro-life advocate, organizing a group called “bound for life”, helping lead 40 days for life within the Austin region, and serving on the board of Texas Alliance for Life. He did not represent any of these organizations on the podcast, but we were really grateful for his willingness to join the discussion.


If you don’t know where you fall within these two perspectives, then take some time to listen to the discussion. I have to warn you, it’s our longest podcast yet, but I think you’ll enjoy the opportunity we had to dive deep into the issue.


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