James Younger is Now in the Hands of Ray Wheless


On Friday, a Dallas judge made an absurd ruling to take Judge Kim Cooks off the James Younger case. Cooks is the Democrat judge who ruled in favor of Jeff and James Younger by ordering joint conservatorship for James’s parents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Younger case you can listen to our nationally recognized conversation with Jeff Younger.

Though the ruling is absurd, there is one bright spot. The case is now the hands of the regional administrative judge, Ray Wheless.

Ray is known by many conservatives in the DFW area. He is a conservative Republican, and was appointed to this position by Governor Abbott in 2018. Wheless is the judge who will assign a new judge to the Younger case.

After consulting several attorneys it appears that Wheless has an incredible amount of latitude with who is assigned as the replacement judge. He could appoint any presiding judge in Texas to the case (however the case will remain in the Dallas Courthouse so you’d assume he’d choose from within the DFW area).

It seems clear that Wheless if NOT confined to Dallas, and even if he wanted to stay in the County there is a recent Republican appointee that he could select.

So Texans can remain hopeful, now that James Younger’s life is in the hands of a conservative Republican.