My Campaign Donations in 2022


Many donors, most of them from Texas, will ask me where to donate.

The amount that they have budgeted to give in a cycle ranges from $500 to a LOT more than $500.

I really do believe it’s important for every engaged citizen to make campaign donations. At the age of 32 most of my peers and I are prioritizing investing in our children, careers, homes, IRA’s and hopefully our churches. Most of us have debt, and the money that comes in tends to spend quickly.

I don’t want this post to become a personal financial post, but living financially responsibly is a duty. It gives you the flexibility to make sure you can spend some of your earnings toward engaging in the cultural battle around us.

In November or December I will do a similar post for the political groups I’m donating to this year.

I care most about Texas, and so my donations will be reflective of that reality. I should mention that there are some solid patriots who I didn’t personally donate to this year, but I have to prioritize my personal budget to the absolute top priorities. There are some people who I might only donate $100 to which I have had the privilege of advising others to donate much larger donations. There are people for whom I’ve raised money for that I didn’t donate to. There is also a needs based consideration I’m making. People who I helped in the primary, aren’t necessarily in need of funds right now.

For those of you wondering, here is my list:

  1. $500 Kari Lake – As a Texan, who cares about Texas more than anything else, I can tell you that Kari Lake is the only person who can force Greg Abbott to secure the border. We need her. not only for what she will force Abbott to do on immigration, but on a plethora of GOP priorities.
  2. $250 Bryan Slaton – The top Texas champion. He’s moving the overton window more than any other Texas politician. He deserves your support.
  3. $250 Tim O’Hare – Texans need to have a conservative warrior leading the largest red county in America. Tim has proven himself someone we can trust.
  4. $100 Defend Texas Liberty PAC – This is a PAC which I am the director of and believe is accomplishing great things for Texas.
  5. $100 Dan Patrick – He’s the conservative leader who will force Abbott and Phelan to address GOP priorities.
  6. $100 Blake Masters – Blake could be one of the most defining politicians of our generation. He has ideas that stretch Republicans and knows exactly what time it is.
  7. $100 Alex Mealer – She is in a real position to win the County Judge race for the largest County in Texas. This is an incredibly important race.
  8. $100 Marc Lahood – Democrats will likely keep all Bexar County wide offices in 2022, but Marc Lahood is the only chance we have at winning a seat, and having a good District Attorney in my own community is worth investing in.
  9. $100 Texas GOP – Matt Rinaldi has been a total champion for Texans and a ton of establishment donors are being told by Abbott and his team to not give to the Republican Party because they have been pushing everyone to the right.
  10. $100 Bexar County GOP – IF your local GOP is run by a conservative who doesn’t just cheerlead for every Republican regardless of their record, then donate to them.

Total: $1,700