Over 40% of Ted Cruz's Margin of Victory Comes From Counties Negatively Affected by House Version of SB 2

Ted Cruz won by less than 215,000 votes. Most Texas consultants will tell you that Ted Cruz did worse in the urban and suburban counties then any other Republican. He was routinely underperforming the rest of the GOP ticket.
That being said he saved by the red blooded American patriots in rural Texas. In some cases he even . outperformed Trump’s numbers in the rural areas.
So now let’s get to the version of Senate Bill 2 that passed out of the Texas House. The committee came up with a new idea whereby counties can either raise their property tax revenue 3.5% or $500,000, whichever is bigger. What that means is that for many Texans the new law puts stronger restrictions on how much their tax bill can go up, but for some Texans their local governments can now raise their taxes significantly higher than they currently can.
For nearly 1,000 cities the new rate increase how much their municipality can raise taxes without voter approval. Unfortunately we can’t breakdown election results by city,  otherwise the headline of this blog post would be much worse.
Trey Martinez Fischer released a list of 82 counties who’s tax collectors would be able to take more from taxpayers without a vote of the people. Ted Cruz not only won these counties with 79% of the vote, it accounted for 43% of his margin to victory.
As Dustin Burrows and Paul Bettencourt are in conference one would hope that they would take into consideration the taxpaying voters who helped keep this state red. Giving these voters less of a say in how high their tax bill could hurt people like John Cornyn going into 2020.

Luke Macias
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Luke Macias

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