Public Education Leaders Thank Empower Texans – Episode 60


Ok, that hasn’t happened. Yet.

But it should.

Legislators in both parties, and in both chambers should not only be thanking Empower Texans, but also the handful of fiscally conservative legislators who have urged state leaders to hold the line on spending and keep their hands off of the rainy day fund.

Conservatives haven’t always been successful in protecting our state’s savings account, but we’ve won more than we’ve lost in those battles, and because of that, we have something to work with.


I doubt it’s enough to cover the needs we will have, and state leaders are likely in need of a special session at some point to reduce the shortfall that is sure to come in 2021.

But at this point, let’s please accept the fact that spending sprees in times of plenty are bad ideas.

God Bless,


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