Republicans Plan to Fail at the Border – Episode 131


Last week was incredibly eye-opening for Texans who are fighting for a secure border.

Republican Chairman Greg Bonnen made it crystal clear that the Texas legislature has no intention of securing our southern border and even said that his plan to spend $1.8 billion in taxpayer money was to build some border barriers to “shift the flow of people into more specific areas to identify more of them”.

So let me explain Republican leadership’s plan to fail at our southern border. They believe that the problem this year is not that nearly 1 million people came across our southern border, but that they were too spread out in their entry. This absurd plan is to still allow all illegals currently crossing to continue to enter into our nation but make sure we can at least document who they are before allowing them to enter through an open southern border.

Another thing we continue to witness this week is that even though GOP factions are more united than ever behind getting rid of Democrat chairs who fled our state, Chairman Jim Murphy, Dustin Burrows, Will Metcalf and Dade Phelan are working with Drew Darby to undermine GOP priorities and keep Democrats in their powerful chairmanships.


Because the Texas House is full if weak, corrupt Republicans who are more concerned with their own power than the political and policy priorities of their voters.

We also spend a little time talking about property taxes. While some legislators like Paul Bettencourt continue to work on actual property tax relief, others are settling for political wins that will have little to no impact on the vast majority of their constituents.