Scott Braddock: The Media Misstep of the Session


2019 note: This was a post from 2015 talking about the the importance of recognizing human biology and the scientific fact that life begins at conception. Things have changed since then, and Scott Braddock has gotten increasingly biased. That being said he recently accused me of deleting this post because it was a lie, a statement he made void of knowledge. This post was removed from my website with ALL of my previous blog posts when I updated the site. The parts of this post that are must inaccurate are the ones that talk about Braddock treating people fairly, but I’m keeping the post in the 2015 form.


I like Scott Braddock, a lot of my friends will probably cringe at that statement but I actually have found him very fair with my clients. I’ve heard him ask severely slanted questions of others, but haven’t had negative experiences myself.

I’m having a bit of a deja vu moment writing this piece. On many issues the capitol press corp have been able to keep a fair and balanced approach. Some reporters are certainly more fair and straight shooting than others. But when it comes to the dismemberment of innocent life, a “disconnect and naivety” is the nicest description I can come up.

According to Mr. Braddock a debate over whether we should dismember innocent and sick children is “unnecessary”.





HB 2510, the sunset bill for the Department of State Health Services, provided an opportunity for lawmakers to protect innocent life. Representative Matt Schaefer brought up a number of amendments, the most notable one being the removal of the “fetal abnormality” exception for late term abortions.

Currently Texas has outlawed abortion after 5 months of pregnancy, something the vast of majority of Texans agree with. There is, however, an exception for children with fetal abnormalities. The exception is morally wrong, but also very tight. We aren’t talking about children with 9 fingers. These children, barring a miracle, are not leaving the hospital. These are children who are going to die.

The logic behind allowing abortions in these instances would have to be that they are going to die, so why not end their life. Quite sick when you think about it and not in any way reflective of our laws regarding other human beings who are facing the same fate.

Mr. Braddock did not explicitly advocate for late term abortions, but his naive comments show a lack of basic understanding of human biology. I hope he will take more time to study this issue.