Steve Toth and Bob Hall Get It - Episode 85

Are you ready to die?

That’s the first question we ask on today’s podcast. Many of you have already seen the news of the passing of Ross Kecseg. In my conversations with Ross over the last several months, I’ve witnessed what the scriptures talk about when it reveals a “peace that surpasses all understanding” and I want to share some of what Ross showed me with each of you.

When it comes to Texas politics we dive in deep on Steve Toth and Bob Hall’s latest actions in opposition to Governor Greg Abbott. Toth and Hall collectively articulate the frustration of conservatives over the inappropriate actions of the executive branch in Texas. I also wanted to take time to compare Toth and Hall’s latest critique’s with that of the last direct critique that the Freedom Caucus laid on the Governor. The Freedom Caucus took a very different approach, even implying that Abbott’s actions might be “right” and implying that every action of Abbott’s reflects “care” for Texans.

Though about half of the Freedom Caucus has directly criticized the executive branch, the message of their letter, when compared to the message of Toth and Hall, show a true disparity that grassroots conservatives should be aware of.

I hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

God Bless,


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Luke Macias
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Luke Macias

Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Luke has been recognized as one of the most valuable consultants in Texas by Capitol Inside.