Texas Freedom Caucus Reforms


Today, we start by addressing Greg Abbott’s new border policies that continue to have the identical effect of almost all of his border policies, which is that they haven’t even slowed the invasion of Texas. While quite a few misleading headlines made it sound like his policy is “pushing back against Biden,” 26,000 illegals crossed into Texas the week Abbott announced his policy change.

John Cornyn’s poll numbers are tanking. He’s now the least popular statewide politician in Texas due to his betrayal of GOP principles.

Lastly, I break down changes the Texas Freedom Caucus needs to consider to reduce how often the Austin establishment uses FC members to shield themselves from grassroots Texans.

It’s important to recognize that conservatives still work with the Freedom Caucus to advance GOP policies, and we recently worked alongside Mayes Middleton to get more conservatives elected to the Texas House against the preferred candidates of Dade Phelan and Greg Abbott.

There are some very concrete examples of the Austin establishment weaponizing Freedom Caucus members against conservatives, and the confusion caused by these instances makes unity harder to achieve as we head into 2023. Today’s podcast covers numerous reforms that would be good to consider.