Texas Power Failure Highlights Systemic Corruption - Episode 105

Wealthy government subsidized oligarchies have been exposed. Tony Tinderholt and Bob Hall started asking for more accountability and oversight over our grid long ago and have been mocked for doing so.

Power companies, their lobbyists and their PAC’s have worked tirelessly to keep politicians on their side. Now that millions of Texans are without power and lives are literally being lost, the winds have shifted. Today I take a few minutes to open your eyes to a few of the issues that have been going on for the last several years and just how hard it has been to hold this system accountable.

Now a lot of politicians feel the need to do something about it, which is good, but we need to fight to make sure real reform takes place.

God Bless,


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Luke Macias
About the author

Luke Macias

Luke Macias is a Texas based political consultant who has helped elect the most conservative public servants across the state. He’s worked from the local level to statewide campaigns. He’s a full spectrum conservative who only works alongside public officials who will walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Luke has been recognized as one of the most valuable consultants in Texas by Capitol Inside.