Texas Should Stop Playing by the Left’s Rules – Episode 127


Last week, Governor Abbott—after being pressured by lawmakers, political opponents, and grassroots conservatives—took more action regarding the open Texas border. This action is a reversal of his stance the week prior, as expressed on Fox News.

This recent action is a big win for Texas, yet it still adopts so many rules that the left has tried to force on our state, and our governor is playing along. Let’s break this down.

Why is Abbott referring to illegals as “migrants”? Why is he using the words of the Biden-Harris administration? The war of words matters.

Why are we only stopping illegals who “might spread COVID” instead of stopping all illegals from entering our state and breaking our laws? The games being played are following rules that the left has created to undermine our state, nation, and culture—and letting them set the rules is a very bad idea.