May 24

Scott Braddock: The Media Misstep of the Session

May 24

2019 note: This was a post from 2015 talking about the the importance of recognizing human biology and the scientific fact that life begins at conception. Things have changed since then, and Scott Braddock has gotten increasingly biased. That being said he recently accused me of deleting this post because it was a lie, a statement he made void of knowledge. This post was removed from my website with ALL of my previous blog posts when I updated the site. The parts of this post that are must inaccurate are the ones that talk about Braddock treating people fairly, but I'm keeping the post in the 2015 form.


I like Scott Braddock, a lot of my friends will probably cringe at that statement but I actually have found him very fair with my clients. I’ve heard him ask severely slanted questions of others, but haven’t had …

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